Day Seven at TEAM 06

Photo_oneScot McKnight dropped in at the TEAM 06 conference tonight…oh yeah, there have been tons of other things happening all day. The students finished up their intensive theological seminars…first year CALL curriculum with YLI staff Jessy Osehan, Alumni track exploring Jewish theology with Mike DeVries, and the College/Staff track with myself teaching Missional Theology and Liminal exploration in student ministry as a means of perpetuating the Kingdom revolution. Then, on to small groups and planning for tomorrow’s day of service in the Glendora neighborhood. Besides the day’s events, our smallest TEAM conference attendee, my granddaughter Kae Lynn was taken to the hospital for a 105 temp and an ear infection…tests are being taken even as I write this. Scot McKnight provided what I would consider the most stellar academic presentation in terms of his mastery of greek and hebrew…often quoting extensive sections of the bible. In addition, his vision is to impart knowledge and a challenge to a lifestyle where we live a Kingdom existence that passionately loves God and loves others. We are so blessed to have such a great scholar and humble Christ-follower in our community at YLI. Again, we will have this talk on the yli website ( . In the meantime, read the book that drew me to invite Scot to join us at TEAM 06…The Jesus Creed. Also, Scot’s blog is one of the best…check that out too (

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