Day Four at TEAM 06

Yambar2We went from the sublime to the profoundly proposterouos…Chris Yambar, comic book artist, writer, speaker, and all around crazy “bohemian orthodox” came and shared with our YLI students tonight at our general session. Besides the fact that Chris is completely “down” with contemporary pop culture, he is a passionate follower of Jesus…calling our students to be “living sacrifices” or to “flame on”, drawing comparisons to our lives and the superheroes of the Fantastic Four. Don’t get me wrong, there were many many other events of the day…devotional time, track times in learning, curriculum sessions…small groups…by the time to students head to the dorm, they will be just about dead…er, tired! Check out Chris Yambar on your own (…you can also read the Wittenburg Door article that originally interested me in inviting Chris into our YLI journey (

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