Day Two at TEAM 06

Bjerkander_160x83What about Community? Day Two at the TEAM 06 conference is about experiencing community…God is a God of eternal community…and we were created to be in community with each other and the Lord as we live Kingdom lives. Rickard Bjerkander was our guest tonight amidst the music, drama, and videos of our general session. Rickard “lives” and breathes community…he doesn’t talk about the reality of living communally…he has experienced the messiness of human existence in the context of loving relationships. I loved the fact that Rickard simply shared his heart and answered questions on community. The evening was refreshingly honest and forthright…you see, as soon as someone starts to purport that they understand the “seven secrets of community”, you know that they are completely off-base. The reality of community is messiness and the beauty of acceptance and grace. Definitions of community simply don’t exist…all we know is that we are called to love each other in the midst of the craziness, unpredictabilty and brokenness of life. Day two also was built primarily around team building…Roy Miller led an incredible day of creative experiences where team members faced various physical and relational challenges. Those challenges had to be conquered through cooperation, understanding and support in love. From 9am until 4pm, all of the students of TEAM worked through the experiences which help them understand more about leadership in the context of living a life of community. Remember, more to come…check back tomorrow about the next update on TEAM.

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