Day Three at TEAM 06

SsumnerOk – Day Three of TEAM 06 turns up the “heat” of theological teaching and reflection in the context of community. Our CALL curriculum for first year students, the Alumni Track and Staff/College tracks expose students to a broad view of theological material ranging from exploring the theology of call, Old Testament application, as well as missional and incarnational living in a postmodern world. We celebrated a couple of birthdays at meals…enjoyed devotions, music and track times designed to speak to the “interests” of students. YLI provides tracks on worship leadership, spiritual disciplines, inner healing, theology 101, etc. The evening summarized the day with our general session focusing on the theme of “Christ”…Dr. Sarah Sumner of the Azusa Pacific University Theology School spoke to our students. Below are some of the “tidbits” that filled the session with intellectual stimulation, reflection and challenge:

•What comes into your mind when we think about God is the most important thing about you – AW Tozer

•What we think about God informs our lives and our actions and relationships

•Are you really a theist? Can you tell by your life?

•If you really don’t think there is a God it is going to influence your life

•Theology = plays out when you are in a crisis/marriage/parenting, how will your view of God affect how you respond to life? It will in every area

•Mary and Martha – Luke 10:37ff

•All commentaries assume Martha went back to the kitchen…did that really happen? What was Jesus telling Mary? We see Mary showing up to anoint Jesus’ body after the cross. She “got it” – she learned theology and it affected the way she responded

•If you aren’t excited about theology, you really don’t know God…if you really did know God it would blow you away!

•There was an extensive and sometimes passionate discussion about whether God is male or female…Luke 15 – father is “god figure”…woman looking for coin is the “god figure”…what does that mean?

I’m going to stop right there…the discussion is too good to keep taking notes for you! We are going to be providing an audio tape of the session on our website soon ( Check it out!

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