Day one of TEAM 06

Nathan_narnia“The Kingdom is filled with possibilities”…that’s what our opening session of TEAM 06 focused on…not only as our opening session teacher, Nate Barnes from T-Bay, Ontario shared but also as we launched what is our 4th conference through the Youth Leadership Institute. “I am called and gifted by God to be a difference maker in my world to His glory”…that’s the challenge that we attempt to lay on the hearts and lives of each high school student leader who attends the TEAM experience. The first day was as every first day has been over the four years of our Lilly grant program…students arriving…registration…orientation…an opening meal…introduction of the staff (this year through a very creative video produced by Ben Kroeker and Kevin Peed) as well as an overview of what students can expect from this journey. YLI attempts to push students off the plank of safety and into culture for the sake of the world and culture. TEAM isn’t an inspirational camp…it is not all fun and games…although we do have fun and find inspiration in the Spirit. Rather we seek to wrestle with students…have them experience transformational community, Kingdom living, intelligent and well-taught theology as well as an overall experience of revolutionary living. Like I said, Nate Barnes kicked off our teaching tonight with “toilet theology”…sharing with our students the fact that a toilet is just as it was created and made to be…it isn’t anything else but what it is. Jesus has called us to live the Kingdom…not just experience being born again (mentioned just two times in the bible) but to live out the present reality of the Kingdom of God (mentioned over 100 times in the NT). Nate painted on the canvas of each student’s real life giving each a glimpse of what is to come over the next 10 days…giving them encouragement to grapple with truth and the revelation of God as well as sink themselves deeply into an experience that promises to shape the life that they not only live now but for the days to come.

We’ll be posting more on this year’s TEAM conference. Check out our website, Click on “The Colony” and read more about TEAM in the ministry update section. More to come tomorrow! In the meantime, remember that God has begun a good work in you and that He won’t stop until He is accomplishing His dreams and purposes through you…He’ll be faithful”. You are under construction…what now?

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