Oh those crazy singles

Just finished leading worship and music for the Solocon Retreat @ Big Bear Lake. Almost 100 single adults (not college age, single YOUNG adults) gather together under the banner of the Nazarene denomination. Well…it was a great weekend. Mike Platter from Glendora did more than teach but expertly wove in some hilarious stories of his escapades in life. Doug and his team did a great ministry getting these people together. It was all good until I decided to throw in a few old “camp” songs. The way I saw it, these people have GOT to love some good interaction music. So I pulled out one of the camp/vbs oldies, “A la la”, and had the group having some fun together. If you know the song, you know that one of the verses includes the significant lyric, “bump another rump bump a rump next to ya”. Well, because of the fact that I didn’t know how far to push this group, I decided to leave the verse out. To my surprise, I received at least a half a dozen notes the next day BEGGING for the “rump” verse. Oh well…those crazy Nazarenes! It just goes to show you that the need for purity pledges goes WAY past adolescence. Funny! Seriously, I pray for these people…they are all passionate about the Kingdom…they have stories that are a mixture of saddness and victory. Each tells of their own journey through loneliness and church ‘rejection” because they don’t fit in the box of the “young couples/families” that are so desired by local congregations. So, here’s to you SoloCon 06. Thanks for the great weekend…I’ll be praying for each of you…thanks for the encouraging notes…and next time, I promise, we’ll be bumping rumps as much as you want!Red_winter_rump_1

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