I’ve been Saved!

I’m making the Switch! Just like I was converted to Macs a few years ago and will NEVER turn back to the old ways of PC’s, now I’m being converted to the more colorful, explicit, and powerful Typepad. People have been wtinessing to me for a couple of years..truth is, I’ve been a seeker of blogs for about that long. I didn’t necessarily know that I was a seeker…but as I looked at other blogs and got a chance to experience the deeper, more enlightened ways of Typepad, I started asking questions. Those who intersect in my journey started telling me about Typepad and sooner than I expected, I realized that I needed Typepad as my blog savior and lord. So, tonight I am inviting Typepad onto my keyboard…I am humming, “Just as I am” because Typepad is going to have to accept me just as I am without a clue!

To check out the archived Past of my blog, still consult http://rdugall.blogspot.com. But for now, bookmark this link and join me as we do life together! http://yliapu.typepad.com/spiritualregurgitations/

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